Monday, August 13, 2007

Pancake , Yummy

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hi guys, here some tips for cooking pancake

To make pancakes: Put a small amount of oil, cooking fat or butter into a pan. Heat until a faint blue haze is seen. It is a good idea to put the pancake mixture in a jug as this will make pouring easier. Pour enough mixture into the hot pan to make a thin layer. Cook quickly on one side until golden brown – lifting the edge with a small knife will help you see if it is ready. Toss or turn and cook on the second side.

To toss a pancake: When the pancake is cooked on the underside it can be tossed; however thin pancakes are often better turned. Hold the pan loosely in your hand, keeping your wrist very flexible and flick sharply upwards. With practice it will twist in the air and come down in the pan with the cooked side uppermost.

To turn a pancake:
Once the pancake is cooked on the underside put a small knife under it and get the knife right to the centre of the pan. Lift carefully and flick over to turn.

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