Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bakso or meatball or whatever :)

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Bakso is Indonesia's meatball. it ussually served with
soup, and also we could add tofu, and noodle in it. This is one of my
favourite food


I found a way how to make this Indonesian meatball, as usually
google is my helper

this is taken from here

  1. 1 kg of minced meat

  2. 2 eggs (only took the white)

  3. 300 grams of tapioca flour

  4. 4-7 cloves of garlic

  5. 1 red onion / regular onion is ok

  6. 1 teaspoon of white pepper

  7. 2 teaspoon of salt

mix garlic, red onion, salt, and pepper in a mortar or mixer. Mix
the spice-mixture with eggs, tapioca-flour, and minced meat. use
fingers, add a cup of water and keep on working until the mixture
feels soft and smooth

Boil some water in rather large pot, at least 2 liters. Start
rolling the mixture into small meatballs. lower the meatball into the
boiling water, when they float up to the surface they are ready

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Alfa said...

Saya suka sekali makan bakso.