Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Indonesian Drink : Sekoteng

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img:sekotengSekoteng is one of Indonesia javanese tradional drinks. It has a ginger taste that usually serve while still hot. Sekoteng also has other ingredient, it contains mung bean (kacang hijau), peanut (kacang tanah),  bread chop.

Many area in Indonesia especially in java, Sekoteng is sold by a roundsman during the night.

here's the recipe for Sekoteng


  • 100 gram of 'Biji Delima' (cassave core),

  • 200 gram of peanut, boiled then remove it's soft skin

  • 100 gram mung bean

  • 1000 cc water

  • 100 gram granulated  sugar

  • 50 grams  ginger

  • 5 piece of bread, diced into 1 cm cubes


  1. Boiled the cassave core, cooked until done, dunked in cold water,drained

  2. mixed water, sugar and ginger, boiled.

  3. serve into a bowl,put 2 spoonfull cassava core,  2 spoonfull mung beans, and chop bread, pour mixed water, and ginger. ready to serve.


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