Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Top 5 Nasi Goreng Topping

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Indonesian version of fried rice is called nasi goreng. Basically it has similarities with any other fried rice,it is made from cold rice which has already been cooked by boiling. The wok is heated until it starts smoking, with some oil. Rice is stirred quickly and uniformly to prevent burning, and to coat the rice grains with oil to prevent sticking. After 1-2 minutes the rice is flavored to taste and stirred thoroughly, then the other ingredients are added.

So what' make the different, in Indonesia it is cooked with sweet soy souce, and also add some garlic, shalot and salt, also to make it much I say much2 better put a lot of chilly in it :).  you can eat your nasi goreng plain or add some topping,

here's my top 5 nasi goreng topping

  1. Plain Egg
    Good for break-fast since it's easy to make but also has a enough calory to get you going

  2. Fried Chicken
    chicken is nice, put that in your nasi goreng ... excellent!!!

  3. Anchovy
    salty plus chilly.....

  4. Corned Beef
    this one is only to satisfied my hunger on meat.

  5. Seafood
    best for value and price :)

and honorable mention to eat nasi goreng with kerupuk.

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