Friday, August 22, 2008

Tumis Tahu Sayur

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Tumis Tahu SayurTumis Tahu Sayur

Tumis Tahu Sayur

Ingredients :
- 2 eetlepels shredded onion
- 2 shredded teentjes garlic
- 2 eetlepels of ketjap
- 150 gr. tahu
- 75 gr. tauge
- 75 gr. peultjes
- couple of brushwood selderie
- bit leek
- oil

Directions :
Dry the tahu with kitchen paper and cut it in cubes of 1 cm.
Barge them slightly brown in, approx.
5 minus clears oil on high fire.
Obtain them from the pan. By the leek and selderie.
Fruit onion, garlic and leek 2 minutes in a beetje oil.
A cup does water the tahu and the peultjes.
It lets cook 5 minutes softly.
Joint then selderie, tauge, ketjap and salts to taste and cook once more 2 minutes.
Let cool down the Court and at least a half hour to stand.

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