Friday, September 7, 2007

Recipe for Beras Kencur

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Recipe for Beras Kencur (another Indonesian tradional drink). it help your help and good as refreshment drink



  • Rice 11/2 ounce

  • Kencur (galingale) 11/2 ounce

  • 6 Cardamoms

  • Ginger 1/2 ounce

  • 2-3 limes

  • Tamarind 1/2 ounce

  • Brown sugar 1/2 kg

  • Some sugar

  • Salt

  • 4 litre of water


  1. Cook water along with brown sugar and tamarind, cook till boiled while stirring well. Afterwards, finish it, add some salt, let them cool and then refine.

  2. Wash ginger and galingale till well, peel them, then chop.

  3. Wash the chopped ginger, galingale and cardamom with hot water, then blend with some fresh water. If they have been blended well, refine for taking the juice, and add directly into the tamarind-brown sugar mixture. Stirr till well.

  4. You can serve it directly, but better if you store the mixture into dry and hygienic bottles, then keep in the refrigerator.



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